Mother’s Day

I had such a great day on Mother’s Day this year!  I think the only thing I would have changed would be that I should have gotten up a little earlier so I would have had more time for my hair before leaving for church at 9:30, haha!  🙂


Reese made me this cute flower pot with her hand prints as the flowers.  There was a note on the back where she answered some questions about me.  She also made a little pom-pom monster for me that she’s holding up above.



IMG_9630resizedEaston was upset that he had been sick for a few days last week and wasn’t able to bring home the gift he made for me, but he made this cute tiny card and I love it just as much!  He used a Hershey kiss as the flower 🙂

IMG_9631resizedHe’s been working really hard on his cursive and it looks great!


Easton brought home his gift for me on Monday and I love it too!  He made it with chalk and told me that he added a few bugs, “so it wouldn’t be too girly!”  haha


Joe brought in a little stack of things for me, including crystal knobs for my tv stand, little chocolate candy bars, a Redbox movie, (the last Twilight movie….and he WATCHED IT WITH ME on Sunday night!).  He also gave me a framed picture that he drew of our family.  It’s seriously one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given (handmade gifts are definitely the way to my heart!) and I cried when he gave it to me.

IMG_9634resizedIMG_9621resizedAfter church we went out to my parents house and visited for a while, then had some smoked sausage and a delicious lunch!  I’m still upset that I didn’t take a picture of me with my mom 😦  I need to do that this week sometime.  Here’s a picture from last year with my sister Shyanna, mom, and I.  I don’t have many pictures of you looking at the camera, mom!!

IMG_2233resizedI let the kids choose what they made for Grammy and Shamasun this year.  Easton made them both a bouquet of flowers out of crepe paper, and Reese made them both a pom-pom monster.


We got a call from Joe’s mom around 7 that night and she wanted to meet for dinner, so we ended up at Melina’s with Lori, Kristen, and Oscar, and Tammy and Todd.  Melina’s gave all of the mothers a rose, and we took a picture before we left, but Tammy had already gone home.  Shamasun is holding the flowers Easton made her and her little pom-pom monster from Reese too 🙂  It was a pretty great day!


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