We’ve been running non-stop over here lately and it’s been great!  The kids have had friends over… we bought our first Bountiful Basket of the year… ate PB&J sushi for lunch…and we’ve spent time playing outside (when we can get a break from the 60 mph wind!)





IMG_8852resizedJoe spent a morning with me driving around finding new spots to do pictures and even let me take a few with him in them!  He also helped Reese learn to ride a bike without training wheels (she might need a little more practice!)




IMG_9021resizedWe went to the GT program’s Animal Night, where Easton had a presentation put together about Aardvark’s that he did an amazing job on!  He took ants-on-a-log for his treat to tie in with his animal (and was very proud of himself for thinking of that idea on his own, haha!)  We also went to Reese’s Dino Night at school and got to dig for fossils, had a play date with her friend Anna Maria at the Community Center, and went to a graduation BBQ for our niece Kristen.  My mom and I got to have a really nice evening at the temple and ate at Olive Garden afterwards.  mmm


In between all of that we’ve had scouts, dance, speech therapy, and visiting/home teaching.  I’m also getting decorations ready for two baby showers and a Relief Society party.  BUSY!  I think if we can make it through the next 3 weeks things will slow down a lot, but it’s actually been nice to have our days so full 🙂


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