Tooth Fairy

Reese has had a loose tooth for a super long time now, and the other night I could hear her and Easton talking about it.  He finally convinced her to come in and ask me to take it out for her.  She’s been really worried about pulling it out because she didn’t want it to hurt, and when she came to ask me about it she hung her head down in resignation and said, “Mom, I’m ready for you to take my tooth out now.”

IMG_9029resizedHer tooth was so loose it just popped right out without my even really having to pull on it!  Both of my kids’ adult teeth have come in back behind the baby teeth before they fell out, so she doesn’t even really have a gap…the big teeth are already back there.  (Braces are most likely in our future!)

IMG_9034resizedI swear this tooth was the tiniest one I’ve ever seen in my life!  She actually dropped it on the kitchen floor, and we spent a good 5 minutes looking for it before we found it again.

IMG_9036resizedHere is the note she left for the tooth fairy:

“Tooth Fairy,
I want to keep my tooth.  I want to show my class and family.
From, Reese
I love you (with “spas” to show that she forgot to put a space between the words 🙂


She got to keep the tooth, plus a note from the tooth fairy, and a special sparkly dollar bill!  She was pretty excited!  The picture that she drew looks just like the tooth fairy on the “Rise of the Guardians” movie that we saw just before Easter.  Pretty cute!  We were also pretty lucky that the tooth fairy wasn’t on vacation this time, and she came the first night we were expecting her 😉



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