My mom called us on Thursday to say that she had bought a flat of strawberries and wanted Easton to come out and help her make jam.  Keslers had the berries for only $8 a flat, so on the way home from mom’s I stopped and bought a flat for us too.

IMG_8838resizedI cut most of them into slices and froze them on a sheet pan so I could put them in into bags later and use them for our cereal and smoothies, but we tried a few other things too.  We dipped some of them in vanilla yogurt and froze them to eat as snacks.  They were hard as a rock but the kids seemed to like gnawing on them!

IMG_8834resizedI got a call from Easton at school right after I started to say that he had a rash on his cheeks that was bothering him, so I ran to pick him up and call the doctor about it.  They said it sounded like eczema, so we started using some Hydrocorisone cream and really good moisturizer and it’s looking a lot better today.  He seemed fine once we got home, but it was kinda nice to spend some time with just the two of us.  He helped me a lot with the berries.  You can’t even tell in this picture, but his cheeks were bright red for a while!

IMG_8843resizedOne of the recipes I looked up on Pinterest was drying strawberries in the oven, so we tried that one too.  I was so excited for these!

IMG_8837resizedBut they were a COMPLETE FAIL!  What a waste.  I’m still not sure what happened because I followed the directions and even checked them a little earlier than what they said.  They were pretty much melting through the wire rack!  GROSS!!!

IMG_8844resizedWe made a strawberry pie that I forgot to take a picture of, but this is the recipe that I used… PIE

strawberry pie 5We also made this chocolate fondue and took some of it with our berries over to the neighbors.  (They put in a new cedar fence last week and I’m so excited to have it done!!)  This fondue is my new absolute favorite…super easy and delicious!  I’ve been sneaking some every chance I get 🙂

It seems like we spent the whole day in the kitchen yesterday!  I also started a London Broil in the crockpot that morning, made some candied carrots, and tried out these baked fries for dinner.  This was NOT a normal day for us, because usually I’m deciding between Ramen noodles and cold cereal for dinner!



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