The Packers

My friend Erin is going to be moving to Utah in a few weeks, and I’m so sad! She has been so much fun and I’m really going to miss their family. She’s been my visiting teaching companion for the last few years, and her daughter Aubrey is in the same class as Reese for primary.


Erin had some things to do the other day and Mason got to spend the day with us. He’s such a cute little guy, and our whole family had a lot of fun with an almost-two-year-old! (Joe stopped in for lunch and Mason talked him into some of his cheese, haha!)



IMG_8809resizedErin is my Dr. Pepper drinking buddy….who also brings me gourmet cupcakes when the cravings hit….and also keeps track of my thrifting finds so she knows when a teacup will match my set, and then buys me a few more while she’s out to add to my collection. She keeps telling me that these are all little things, but I can tell you that they’ve meant a LOT to me 🙂 We’re all gonna miss you guys Erin….good luck on this new chapter in your lives!!

Erin and Aubrey Packer


2 thoughts on “The Packers

  1. Erin Packer says:

    Such sweet words Shelby. You have touched my heart. 🙂 I loved doing all those little things for you…Made me happy knowing it made you happy. I’ll miss you too. We have really enjoyed having Joe Home Teach us. You guys are such a fun couple, I wish we could have done more together. Thank you SOOO much for helping me with Mason. Means more to me than you know. Promise that I will keep in touch. 🙂

  2. Kathleen says:

    Shelby, you ARE a special friend for sure to Erin. You definitely went out of your way. Those darling snapshots! What a cute gal. Kathleen (Erin’s Mom) 🙂

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