No Girls Allowed

Reese and I came home from Coeur d’Alene to find that Joe and Easton had stayed busy while we were gone!  Joe sat down with us when we got home and had us look through all of the pictures they took over the weekend.  I LOVE that he took lots of pictures so we could see what they did!




DSC06192They did so many fun things!  They played some tennis, went to the Chrome in the Dome car show, and went out for Chinese food….Easton’s favorite!


DSC06216They played with their rock crawlers, went to see the new cartoon “The Croods”, and went to Joe’s favorite place to eat for giant, big-as-your-head burgers… Big Juds.



DSC06234Joe even used the self-timer on the camera to get a picture of them playing on the Wii together 🙂

DSC06245I’m so happy that they had this time together, and Joe spent it doing things to bring them even closer together as father and son.  He was pretty proud to show me that they only used about four bowls the whole time we were gone, haha!  I don’t say it nearly enough on here, but Joe is one of the most amazing people on the planet.  He has so much love for our family, and will do anything he can to help make good memories for our children.  I’m so lucky that he is mine 🙂


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