Coeur d’Alene

My sister Shyanna and her daughter Kairi got to come back home to visit for about 3 weeks and we had such a great time!  Well, I actually didn’t see all that much of them after the first week and a half because I got sick, but when we were able to get together it was great, hah!

On the 21st I went with Reese and my mom to take Shy and Kairi back home again to Coeur d’Alene.  On the way there I got really carsick; I think it was a combination of me still having a little bit of a cold, and sitting in the back seat, and the winding roads.  Yuck, but I felt a lot better after I took some Dramamine and had a little soup from Cracker Barrel.


This is so funny, but I have no idea why some of my pictures are sideways in these frames…they showed up the right way when I was loading them from the ipod.  Weird.  I’m too lazy to go back in and fix them all though 🙂

Kairi, mom and I had to stop at the “restaurant” in the bottom left hand corner of the picture above.  We walked through the red wooden door right into a darkened bar!  The lady was pretty rude when we asked to use the restroom, and as we were coming out she told us there was a fireman’s boot on the corner of the bar “if we wanted to make a donation”.  It sounded more like a command, haha!  Mom put in a dollar but I thought it was pretty ridiculous to ask for tips for letting us use their bathroom, especially when they had signs up that there were restrooms available!


The collage above shows us going through the pass just before we made it to Coeur d’Alene.  The weather was so CRAZY!  It was sunny for a minute, then we ran into rain, hail, and snow…..all within a few minutes!  The 4th of July pass was terrible with a whiteout snowstorm.  Shy and I were both freaking out as mom was driving us through.  It was so scary!


We made it to the hotel, (which mom hated because it wasn’t nearly as nice as the one she and dad had stayed in the last time they visited in December).  On the first day the toilet broke in our room and we noticed that the light fixture above the sink was hanging off the wall, but maintenance came and fixed it all for us.  It was a pretty nice hotel, but just not quite the same as being in the super nice one.  It got better each night after we came back for bed feeling exhausted, haha!

We went swimming in the (super cold) pool for a while on the first night.  The hot tub was more of a hot bath, but that was perfect to me.  The little girls had a great time in the pool, but when we were finished they were frozen and had blue little lips.  We let them warm up in the hot tub before we left.

We went to dinner at a little place Shy and Danny had heard about called Meltz that had extreme grilled cheese.  Mom and I split a Cheesy Capreesy that had  tomatoes and pesto on grilled cheese, Shy had a pepperoni pizza grilled cheese, and Danny had a cheeseburger and fries on his.  They were sooo good, but also so rich we were about sick after eating them.  They also had homemade chips and we tried the Sweet Chile and Honey BBQ dips…mmm.


I’ve heard a lot of people talking about World Market, and we found one about 45 minutes away from Shy in Spokane, Washington.  Shy had GPS on her phone so we decided to go find it and we were so glad we did!  What an awesome store!  I bought some Chocolate Banana spread (similar to Nutella) a potato gun for Easton, and some flavored chocolates for Joe.  Mom got some Easter baskets for the little girls, Jasmine rice for Cody and Casey, and some treats from Japan for Sierra.  We also tried some Mexican wedding cookies (not so great) and yummy chocolates.  Shyanna bought the cutest little glass jars with aqua lids for her kitchen.  We all could have spent a ton of money in there!  We also stopped at Hobby Lobby (my first time there too!)  Another fun store!

We went back to Shy’s house to hang out for a while and had such a good time just laughing and playing BuzzWords.  The little girls had the best time playing in Kairi’s room and putting on a pet fashion show with all of their stuffed animals for all of us.

We went with Danny to Capone’s for some pizza and that was fun.  It’s one of the restaurants that was on the show “Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives” from Food Network.  We got the Five Cheese pizza and the Garlic Chicken.  It was okay, but not my favorite because it seemed a little greasy to me.  Still pretty good if you’re in the mood for pizza though!


My cousin Mike and his wife Bailley live in Spokane with their little girl Afton, so we made plans to meet up with them for dinner at Red Robin.  It worked out that my aunt Judy (Yes, THE aunt Judy who’s always sending fun packages to my kids!!) was in town visiting Mike, so we were able to see all of them.  We haven’t seen them for at least 10 years, so it was so great to catch up with them and see the baby.  Reese was so excited to meet Judy and put a face to the name.  We all had a blast visiting them!


We were so sad to leave Shy and Kairi on the 24th!  I love my sis so much and it’s hard to have them so far away from us (around 8 hours!).  Mom and I had such a good time on the way home though.  It was so nice to visit with her and hear stories about different things she remembered from her aunts and family.  Reesie is a good little traveler and did great on the drive too.  It was a great vacation for all of us.  I’m going to have to do a post about the things Joe and Easton did while we were gone….they stayed busy!


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