Easton’s birthday celebrations started the day before his birthday when his buddy Eli got to ride the bus home with him. They played Rock’em Sock’em until Joe got home from work a little after 3, and then we went to I.F. for dinner at Famous Dave’s. The boys both ordered ribs and loved them, then Easton got a huge complimentary hot fudge sundae for dessert.




Easton had some birthday money from his aunts and uncles, so we stopped at Toys R Us and Target to find something for him to buy.  He finally picked out a Lego set, and then we went over to watch the new cartoon that came out, “Escape from Planet Earth”.  (Reese had stayed the night with Kairi out at my mom’s house.)  The movie was cute and the boys had a good time!



Part 2 of the birthday coming soon 🙂