Birthday #9 part two

Easton’s actual birthday started off with the first thing he had written down on his list. *A good breakfast (which obviously means McDonald’s, haha!) Joe got up and took him to pick it up, then when they got home I had the next thing ready for him *A treasure hunt, which he requested several times in the days leading up to his birthday.



IMG_8315resizedSome of his presents from us included the 1st and 2nd Harry Potter movies, (since he loved the books so much!), a tennis racquet for this summer, and new socks. How many kids do you know that get this excited over socks, haha!!

IMG_8338resizedIMG_8330resizedWe let Easton enjoy some time at home with his new Skylander for a while, then headed out to cross another item off his list *Spend the day at Grammy’s house.




Grammy and Atrion made a cake, and then the grandkids helped him open a few more presents. I love that Reesie is in her jammies with her little legs crossed, haha!


We were out at the house for a few hours, then came back into town to meet Joe’s family for some cosmic bowling! We all had the best time, but we had no idea it was going to cost as much as it did… don’t think we’ll be doing that again anytime soon!




I had so much fun playing with baby Olivia when they got there.  Seriously, I would take this little one home with me in a heartbeat!  She was completely amazed by all of the flashing lights and loud music.


IMG_8342-2resizedIt seems so strange to think that I’m the mom of a 9 year old!  Easton has been such a blessing in our lives from the very beginning.  He has such a big heart, and will often give up something of his own in order to keep the peace with those around him.  He’s so gentle and patient with his sister and all of his cousins.  I’m just so proud of the good kid that he is!  We looked through his baby album together, and it was so sweet to see him get a little teary eyed as we were reading through some of the things I had written in it.  I love this kid so much!  Hope you had a wonderful birthday Easton 🙂


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