Cousin Visits

IMG_8203resizedShy and Kairi are back for another visit and we’ve been having such a great time with them!  Mom and I went with Shy to I.F. to do a little shopping and dinner while Sierra watched our girls, and I talked them into trying Sweeto Burrito…they liked it!  We got a few things for Easton’s birthday, (which was actually YESTERDAY on the 9th but I’m behind in my blog and need to get caught up!)

IMG_8188resizedShy also brought Kairi and Atrion in on Thursday and we hung out, (in between me running to Easton’s school for an assembly, and then leaving again to take treats to his class, and then again for parent teacher conferences, ha!)  It’s been a busy month so far.

IMG_8195resizedReese didn’t have school yesterday so she and I went out to the house again to let the girls and Atrion play together.  Shy got out her Cricut paper cutting machine and let Casey and I make some fun stuff with it.  I made some little hot air balloons and Casey made a cute “Spring” board.  We had on the music and it was fun singing our hears out to the “Ho Hey” song….even Kairi was singing at the top of her lungs!

It’s been a lot of fun, and I just love it when we can all get together and visit!




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