IMG_8051resizedI don’t post as much anymore and I completely forgot to add our Valentine pictures to the blog. Easton had already left for school by the time I remembered to take out my camera, but I got a few of Reese before she left.

IMG_8054resizedWe did a cute double-heart hairdo, and she wore her heart sweater and heart tights…so fun! She doesn’t like to wear dresses to school very much anymore, so I’m always happy when she wants to wear one. She just looks so cute with her fun tights! I need to be on the look out for another pair of rain boots for this spring…I’m not sure if her frog boots still fit!

IMG_8066-2resizedThere’s not usually much hot water left in the morning for me to shower…(mostly because I like it scalding hot, haha!) so I usually wait a while before I get ready for the day. We took a quick picture together before she left. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture of myself in glasses on the blog before…Yikes!

IMG_8067-2resizedI’m feeling really sad that we didn’t get a picture of Easton on Valentine’s Day! The kids picked out their Valentine’s and gave one to each person in the family, and Joe and I had a book, giant fun eraser, and some chocolate for each of them when they woke up. I also taped some ruffled pink and yellow streamers onto the backs of their chairs.  After school Reese helped me deliver a few Valentine’s to the ladies I go visiting teaching to.


Later that evening Joe and I went to the Valentine dinner at the church.  I had gone over the night before to help decorate a table, and my mom let me use Nana’s china (my great-grandma).  My friend Maria was going to watch the kids for us that night but Reese had started coughing again and I didn’t want to get her little baby sick.  I ended up calling my mom after I had tried a few other people, and she drove in to save the day.  Have I mentioned what an amazing mom I have?!!


The decorating committee went all out with everything and it was a really nice night.  They had lights and decorations hanging from the ceiling, the lights were dimmed, and the young men were there to wait on all of the tables in their church suits and white towels over their arms.  They had a dessert table with glass chandeliers hung above it, and they served Chicken Cordon Bleu (however you spell that!) with roasted vegetables and yummy potatoes.  There were a bunch of different desserts to choose from and I picked Strawberry Cheesecake…yum!



They had a lady there to take our picture and I’ll have to post that when we get it back.  We got all dressed up for it and had a really good time.  I wish that I would have remembered to bring the ipod to take pictures of the decorations!  (These last few pics of the table were from my ipod when I helped set up the night before.)  They had extra food at the end of the night, so Joe got a plate for my mom and went home to watch the kids so she could go home, and I stayed a little longer to help clean up.  It was a really good night, and Joe and I had a fun time!


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