I thought I had already posted these pictures, but as I was working on my blog book I realized that I didn’t.  These were taken when Reese was still recuperating from her pneumonia and we were trying to find things to keep her busy without overdoing it.


She had actually been asking us to make her a paper hat for a while.  Joe told her that he needed to think about how to make one in his head, and a few minutes later he whipped these up for them.

IMG_8039-2resizedI had asked Easton to put his head next to hers so I could get a picture, and he told me that he didn’t want to get her germs.  I might be rubbing off on him a little bit, haha!




IMG_8049-2resizedJoe folded the hats for them, and then Reese went running off to her room to find her hidden stash of feathers so she could add one to the top of hers.  We finished her 10 days of antibiotics and she’s doing really good.  I’m so grateful that she was able to get over it without any complications, and that the rest of us didn’t get it too 🙂