Feeling Better

Reese was home with pneumonia all week and by Sunday night she was starting to feel pretty good.  Her class was having pictures on Monday morning and I talked with her teacher and found out what time they were doing them so we could be there.  By that time she’d been on antibiotics for 5 days and had been doing pretty well, so I felt like being around the other kids wouldn’t be a problem.  I was more worried about her getting too tired and starting to cough again.


She’s the one on the top row in the sparkly blue shirt, of course!  One of her little buddies came running over to give her a big hug and I told him he better not hug her because she had been sick and we didn’t want to spread germs.  He told me, “That’s okay…I’m sick too!”  And let out a huge, hacking cough…. mouth uncovered, of course.  EWWW!


We stayed busy while we were waiting for the doctor by drawing on the table paper and playing “X’s and O’s”, which is Reese’s new favorite game.



The doctor said she’s doing really well and can get back to her regular activities as long as she feels okay.  We decided to celebrate by getting some lunch (Chick-Fil-A…my favorite) and then going to her favorite place ever… Kiwi Loco!  She chose French Vanilla frozen yogurt and then loaded up with gummy bears, sprinkles, cookie dough, and animal crackers.  There was more but I can’t remember it all, haha!  Mine was vanilla with lots of fruit.  Yum!


We stopped at Target and let her pick out her Valentine’s, then drove across town to stop at the D.I.  It was the busiest I’ve ever seen it and we could hardly get through the aisles.  We did manage to grab a couple of these cute little teacups and thought they’d be perfect for a tea party.


I’m so thankful that Reese was able to get on the antibiotics that she needed and get over her sickness relatively quickly.  It’s scary when they tell you your kid has pneumonia!


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