Joe’s Hobby

If you drive past our house around 11:00 at night, there’s a good chance that you’re going to see Joe standing out in the cold, (or the heat, depending on the weather) driving his RC Rock Crawler around.

IMG_7990resizedWe were watching the Super Bowl, (well….our version of “watching” the Super Bowl is when I play on the iPod and he works on his rock crawler while the TV is on, haha!)  and he was making homemade snow chains for his truck.  I’m pretty impressed with them!  He bought little chains and linked them together to fit his tires.



i think he would have been out there a lot longer, but some of the parts on his truck kept freezing so he had to bring them inside by the fire to thaw out!

IMG_7997resizedHe was a little bummed when I took these pictures because he didn’t have the nice body on his truck, but I told him we could take more again… I just wanted to get these in here so I don’t forget.

IMG_7999resizedI love this husband of mine so much!  He can do pretty much anything he puts his mind to, and I can’t even tell you how many projects he helps me complete.  If I need something to look good when it’s done, chances are good that I’ve asked him to help me out with it.  I’m more of a “well, that looks pretty good to me….no need to measure” type of person, and he’s more of a “I’ll get out my straight edge ruler and razor blade so that it’s done right” person.  We work pretty good together 🙂




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