Hear the wind blow, blow Hear the wind blow, blow
Hear it moan, hear it groan, hear it sigh.
Hear the wind blow, blow
Hear the wind blow, blow
Aren’t you glad we are safe inside?

This is the lullaby that I’ve sung to my kids since before they were even born.  I sing it to them on cold, windy days or when they’re sick.  We’ve been singing it a lot lately, especially with Reese being sick.  She calms down right away when she hears it.  I looked everywhere online to try and find a link so you could hear how it goes, but I can’t find it 😦


It took me forever to find this link, but we had these songs on cassette tape when I was growing up and I remember listening to it ALL THE TIME!  I especially remember going on a trip with my mom and grandma and listening to it for most of the way.  The sample in the link cuts off before the Hear the Wind song starts though 😦


As I was looking online trying to find the song, I saw that this is also the company that did The Safety Kids, and the Standing Tall songs.  I loved them all so much!  I was expecting to find them for pretty cheap on ebay, but it looks like they’re hard to come by.

Obedience-booklet_6_4If I had the extra money I would definitely be buying these from the company for my kids, and I can’t recommend them enough if you haven’t heard them before.  Do you have any other good recommendations that would compare to these songs and books?