**  (Some of this is TMI but I want to get it written down for our blog book.  You might not want to read it if you don’t like hearing about “sick” stuff!)

Reesie didn’t want to go to school on Monday and begged to stay home.  She said that she hurt all over, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when she really hurts and when she just wants a day at home.  I sent her to school and told her that since it was early release she would only be gone for 2 hours.


She was still complaining about not feeling good when she got home and didn’t look very good.  I took her temp and was a little surprised to see that it was 100 degrees.  I gave her some Tylenol and she spent the rest of that day and the next watching movies.

IMG_8009resizedOn Wednesday afternoon she started to get pretty sick.  She started coughing and sneezing like crazy every few seconds and her temp had started to creep back up to around 101.  She spent the day lying around again being miserable, and I gave her a couple of breathing treatments with the nebulizer to see if it would open up her airways a little.

IMG_8027resizedReesie threw up around 10:00 that night and then we got her settled down and back to bed.  She woke up again about 3:30 screaming for me to come in there.  She was leaning over the bowl and there was blood in it, so I yelled for Joe to come in.  I realized a minute later that it was from a bloody nose, but she was crying out that her back was hurting, and she was having a hard time breathing because she was coughing so much.

IMG_8020resizedI took her into the ER where they did a nasal swab to check for the Flu, but that was negative.  Her oxygen levels were between 89-93% when we checked in so they ordered a chest x-ray also.  They told me that she has a little more fluid on one side than the other and it’s some type of peri bronchial pneumonia, (Honestly, I’m not sure I remember if that’s really what he said…it was 5 a.m. and I was tired!)  On the discharge papers he just wrote pneumonia.  She also has something viral and I think that’s why she’s been throwing up too.


I can’t believe that we still don’t have any pharmacies that are open 24 hours in our town!  We went back home and I gave her the OTC stuff I had, and then this morning Joe went to get the prescriptions filled.  They gave her two antibiotics:   Azithromycin, Omnicef, and Robitussin with Codeine for the coughing and pain.

IMG_8018resizedShe slept until 1:30 p.m. and then I gave her the prescriptions.  I’ve been watching her like crazy to make sure that she’s doing okay with them.  She had an allergic reaction to Amox when she was little, and I also remember giving her Tylenol with Codeine just after her surgery when she was 2 months old and it KNOCKED her out!  It’s been about an hour and she’s laying on the couch watching My Little Pony and eating Popsicles and crackers.  Her eyes are pretty droopy and I think I’m going to have her go lay down again after this episode.  I hope she gets rid of this fast and doesn’t pass it on to anyone else.  I hate it worse than anything when my family is sick!


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