Pinewood Derby

Easton had his first Pinewood Derby last week and he LOVED it.  He and Joe spent a lot of time working on his car and making it how he wanted.  He started out wanting a red and blue car with yellow feathers on top to look like a crown, so he could be the King of Cars (?)…. then he decided he wanted it to look like our car, “except like a race car”.

IMG_7960resizedI’m pretty sure that the paint he used came out of the automotive section, and matches our little Jetta pretty well.  Easton was pretty happy with it.  My favorite part were the windows that he drew on with a sharpie before we left.

IMG_7961resizedThe boys would line up their cars, and then run down to the other end and watch for them.  We don’t have many boys so they each got to race 8 times on a special track that this guy brought in.  It was all set up with a camera and monitor, and there were even the sounds of engines revving.

IMG_7907resizedMy friend Amy is in scouting, so we helped keep an eye on her little girl Suri while she helped the boys.  Suri is such a cutie and it was funny hearing her cheer for Easton and her brothers.


IMG_7934resizedIt lasted about 2 hours but since they kept it moving it seemed to go pretty fast.  Easton’s car did really good and I think he came in 2nd in quite a few of the races.



IMG_7965resizedThey even set up the Circles of Death at the end of the night, and that was fun to watch.


IMG_7971resizedI’m so thankful that Easton has such good friends in his life to encourage him 🙂


Amy, I’ll get your pictures from the derby onto a disk….don’t let me forget!


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