Easton has been reading like crazy over the last few weeks.  He’s heard people talking about Harry Potter and decided that he wanted to try them.  He read the first one in about 4-5 days!  He checked out the second one from the library at school and has started on it too.

IMG_7900resizedI’ve read the first 4 or 5 books but I can’t remember when they start to get a little scary for an 8 year old…. can anyone remind me, or maybe it’s just the movies that I’m thinking of?  I’m not sure if he should read them all yet, or wait a little while until he’s older.  He’ll probably be fine with them but I just can’t remember how scary they might be for him.  I caught him reading in bed last night after he should have been asleep.  I couldn’t get upset because that’s something I used to do ALL the time!!  I still do, actually 🙂

IMG_7896resizedI also forgot to post this picture of Reesie with their snowman.  The kids looked out the window to check on him about an hour after they came inside, and he had already started to melt and fall apart!

IMG_7886resizedWe went to have a recheck on Reese’s vision after getting glasses, and her doctor said she’s seeing much better with them.  I did get a call from her teacher at school and they want to put her in some speech therapy.  She said they have a few different groups of kids that need to work on their C and T’s, but Reese is in the group to work on K and G’s…..I would think she needs more help with the C and T’s but I’m not sure how they decide.  They only have 5-7 minutes to work with the kids on this on a few times a week, so she recommends putting her into actual speech therapy.

Can anyone recommend a good place for speech therapy?  The teacher gave me a few places to try, but I’m just wondering if anyone has actual experience with any of them.


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