I saw an idea on someone’s blog where they listed all of the things they would be sure to get an “A” in, like an imaginary report card.  Since it’s January and I’m feeling completely blah, I thought it would be nice to list all of the things I’m doing good in to give myself a boost of confidence.  Here ya go!

Spending hours designing imaginary houses:  A+++Doing laundry but not folding or putting it away:  A+
Pretending to point at objects and put them away Mary Poppins style:  A+
Choreographing my own “Sound of Music” song and dance routine:  A
Perfecting a Ritz cracker and chocolate fondue dunk:  A+
Routinely checking Instagram, FaceBook, and Pinterest throughout the day:  A+
Making long lists of things I would like to eat for dinner:  A+
Blowing lint back under the sofa where it came from:  A+++
Becoming an expert on “Raising Hope” episodes:  A
Cramming mismatched socks into the top drawer:  A++
Keeping a close watch on spider’s location until my husband can get home:  A+


You can see that I’m doing pretty amazing at LIFE university!