January Wishlist

Since I can’t actually spend as much money as I’d like to every day, it helps me to do a little pretend shopping once in a while.  These are just fun things that look cool to me and I thought I’d share them with you!

Jan wishlist

1.  The “Dear Lizzy” digital project life album kit!  I’ve done a Project Life album in the past and think it would be fun to do another some day.

2.  I love this little Sweet Dreams fox print!  I’d love to hang it in my house, especially if maybe the words could be changed to “home sweet home” or something like that.

3.  A “majestic yellow” kitchenaid!  I didn’t think they were all that big of a deal until my parents got one, and now I see all of the amazing things you can do with them and I’m a believer.

4.  A Ninja blender!  You can’t help but think you need one of these in your life after watching 5 minutes of the infomercial.

5.  The Naked Palette 2!  I got the original palette about a year and a half ago when there was a huge sale on them and I’ve LOVED it.  I use it every day and it’s barely starting to show any use.  The colors are beautiful and I’d like to try this one too.

6.  A custom family drawing!  The guy that does these is amazing!  I love that you can send him a picture and tell him a few things about what your family likes to do, and he comes up with a beautiful customized portrait.  I think it would be so fun with Reese in her princess outfit and Easton playing his DS, Joe playing with his rock crawler, and me with a book or camera.  I really want to do this one!

7.  An “I Love My Tribe” vinyl decal!  I’d like to put this on a canvas and hang it up somewhere in my house.

8.  Slippers!  You all know how much I love my slippers…the red ones are screaming my name.

9.  Another nighttime print!  I’m really loving the night sky prints and woodland animals right now.  He look so cozy all snuggled up with his hot chocolate and book!

Links:  1.  2.  3.  45.  6.  7.  8.  9.


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