GT program

I got a phone call from the school today asking me to come and meet with one of the teachers about Easton.

IMG_7888resizedWe’ve been waiting for a few months to hear how he did on the Gifted and Talented test he took at school and they finally got the results in.  (Also, it seems completely weird to actually call the class “Gifted and Talented”….couldn’t they come up with something that sounds a little less…. pompous?)

IMG_7880resizedIt turns out that Easton did really well on his tests.  He scored in the 99th percentile for creativity!  I asked how they score something like creativity, and the teacher told me that they do things like show the kids a picture that might look like a bean and look for unique answers to what they see.  Then they expand on that with creative writing and see what the kids come up with.

IMG_7881resizedI’m not sure exactly what the class will entail, other than that they’re studying animals in this unit and Easton gets to choose an animal that he’s supposed to become an expert about.  He’ll have class once a week, and be with them all day instead of going to his regular classroom.


Easton’s overall score put him in the 94th percentile in the GT program.  I’m trying not to sound like I’m bragging….but WOW!  My kid is super smart and I’m so proud of him 🙂



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