Updated Living Room

We switched everything around in my living room and I really like that my furniture isn’t across from each other now.  It feels like we can actually visit with each other and all watch TV at the same time!  I was sad to see the armoire go, but I have plans for it in another room.  It feels like we even have a little more space with everything set up this way.

IMG_7862resizedMy plan after we got everything moved around was to add four more 11×14’s to the middle of my photo wall and even it out.  But, since I don’t have four extra 11×14’s just laying around, I decided to work on another project for the wall today.

IMG_7866resizedHave you heard the song, “Home is Wherever I’m with you”?  I love it and it sticks in my head every time it comes on.  I just hand cut the letters from white cardstock and glued them onto the map with mod podge.  Kinda fun!

IMG_7870resizedI feel so much better when I have a project like this to work on!  Reese decided that she was afraid of the lanterns in her room because they don’t light up anymore and make weird shadows, so I brought them out too.

IMG_7868resizedI also have the yellow quilt that my mom gave me for my birthday and the pink quilt that my great-grandma made on the backs of our furniture.  I think it’s so homey!  Joe isn’t a big fan of them on the furniture though, haha!

IMG_7871resizedI’m waiting for it to warm up so we can get busy painting Easton’s room and mine.  I can’t wait for summer.  January and February always drag on forever it seems!

IMG_7873resizedThere are a few things that I’m still working on…. I need to get another set of white curtains instead of the green, and the star probably won’t stay there for long.  I just stuck it on the door until I can find a place for it.  Joe also has a stand for the TV that we’re going to paint and distress.  It’s probably going to be a light yellow and I’m pretty excited for it!  I’d like to find a light fixture for the room instead of the fan someday… I’m not sure if I can talk Joe into getting rid of that though 🙂



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