New Year’s Eve

I finally talked Joe into doing something fun for New Year’s this year.  We invited his sister Tammy and her family, and Joe’s mom over for games and a fondue party!  I’ve never done fondue before, but I looked up a few recipes online for a chocolate one and one with cheese.  I cut up a bunch of things to dip, and we ended up having a great time.

IMG_7797resizedWe played a new game that we got for Christmas called Hedbanz, and it’s really fun.  It’s like a game of 20 questions and you have to find out what’s written on your card.  Joe and Todd didn’t want to play for a quite a while, and when they finally decided to play Joe ended up with the naughtiest card in the deck for his first round, haha!

IMG_7807resizedTammy had told me that Shayna might be going to a sleepover at her cousin’s house, so when my mom invited Easton and Reese to go out there and stay the night they were pretty happy to go.  Shayna, Elsha, and Hailey ended up coming over for a while and my kids were sad to miss out on the party, but they had a good time out at my parents.

IMG_7799resizedIMG_7805resizedIt was a really fun night and we’re hoping to have more game nights with them in the coming months!



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