Reese’s Birthday

The day after Christmas I was puttering around the house getting things put back into order after the chaos of the day before.  It was around 10:30 when I picked something up from the table and my brain finally clicked on….TODAY is Reese’s birthday!

IMG_7742resizedEaston and Reese had been playing Skylander’s and having (another) pajama day.  We tend to have a lot of those days when there’s no school.  Reese was a little surprised when I shouted “Happy Birthday”, and then Easton and I sang to her.  My mom and Atrion called a few minutes later to sing to her again.

IMG_7745resizedJoe stopped by the house and we watched her open her presents.  He could only stay for the first one and had to hurry back to work again but at least he made it for a minute!

IMG_7761resizedIMG_7756resizedI say this every single birthday, but HOW does the time go by so fast!  My BABY is SIX!!!


IMG_7769resizedSince Sierra’s been after us to have a family pajama day, I put mine on after I showered and we drove out to my parents house.  After we had been there for a while Cody woke up, (he’s been working graves) and told us that he had about 10 people coming over to play games any minute.  I’m sure they were impressed with our jammies, haha!


IMG_7774resizedYesterday Joe was able to get off work early and we took the kids to see Wreck it Ralph at the movie theater.  It was cute and the kids really liked it.  We tried out a new place called Lucy’s Pizza for dinner and it was horrible!  They served us pickles and olives for an appetizer, and the pizza was dripping with grease.  My salad had about an inch of green water in the bottom of the bowl.  Super gross, but we still had a good time.  Afterwards we stopped at a few places to check out the holiday clearance deals and Joe found a tiny fiber-optic tree that plugs into the computer and changes colors.  It was a fun day and we always love it when Joe can spend time with us!



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