I always have the hardest time sleeping on Christmas Eve because I’m so excited to get up the next morning.  This year I did pretty good and only woke up once at 2:09 a.m., then I was able to sleep until 6 before I went in and woke up the kids.  It kinda sounds like I’m the only mom around that wakes up her kids on Christmas morning?!

IMG_7570-2resizedMy Christmas pictures always stink because I’m terrible when there isn’t natural light.  Maybe that can be my New Year’s resolution…figure out how to take pictures in the dark.  Anyway, here are some pictures at our house.

Christmas1We tried to give ourselves plenty of time to do presents at our house and then make it out to my parents by 8:00.  We took a little longer that I thought we would, because we like to take turns opening presents so we can see what everyone got and savor the moment a little longer.  We made it out there by about 8:20 🙂

Christmas2My mom’s friend Terri made her an embroidered wall hanging that has pictures that the kids drew of themselves.  It turned out SO INCREDIBLY CUTE and I need to get a close up picture of it.  Atrion liked the little super hero doll I made for him, at least he did until he opened his Leapfrog thing, haha!  Mom made me cry when I found a present addressed to me from Grandpa Earl and Grandma Betty.  It was a Christmas fill in the blank book that I had made when I was 6 years old.  I need to scan some of the pages to put in here.  My gift to my family was a DVD disk of pictures set to music.  Dad made his amazing omelets and cinnamon rolls, and Marilyn and Robert, Deona and Rick, Clint’s fam, and Grandma Bodean came out to eat with us.  We really missed Shy, but at least we got to Skype with her for a little bit.

Christmas3We went home to rest for a couple of hours and then headed out to Grant’s for Joe’s family get-together.  It’s always crazy and fun out there, and I was laughing pretty hard when I looked through all the pictures on the computer.  We did a birthday cake for Reese and sang to her.  Little Olivia got super upset when we tried to take away the wrapping paper she was eating.  It was a huge moment when I talked Joe into holding her so I could eat a piece of cheesecake!  He won’t usually hold any babies other than his own.  We did the gift exchange game and came home with a waffle stick maker and the Hedbanz game for adults.   The bottom right corner is Oscar and Lori, and you can see the sword that Joe slashed right across the frame as I was taking their picture.  Good timing, haha!  The bottom left picture also made me laugh because it looks like someone is holding bunny ears over mom’s head 🙂  There was actually an eagle on the wall behind her.

IMG_7701resizedIMG_7702resizedIt got kinda wild when they brought in the tool chest that Joann and Marie got for Grant.  There were tons of foam strip things that the kids had fun karate chopping!

IMG_7709resizedI didn’t notice Tammy and the spoon until I got home and was looking at these on the computer 🙂

IMG_7697resizedIMG_7710resizedIMG_7713resizedI can’t stop laughing about the giant bow in Tammy’s hair on this one!

IMG_7717resizedIMG_7722resizedIMG_7734resizedWe all had a really great Christmas this year.  We tried to stay with the four present rule:  Want, Need, Wear, Read and we were just a little above that but only by a couple of gifts.  It definitely adds up after they get home with gifts from all of the family though!

IMG_7786resizedOur family gift this year was a record player!  I’ve been so excited about this that I can’t even stand it.  I had a few records that I had originally bought to hang in Reese’s room but then I only ended up using a few of them.  The kids and I have been listening to them every day so far.

IMG_7790resizedMy mom also had quilts made for the grand-kids this year and they all turned out so cute.  Joe gave me a set of Matryoshka nesting dolls tupperware that I LOVE.  I need to take a picture but at the moment they’re occupied.  (By “occupied” I mean sitting in my kitchen sink waiting patiently to be washed 🙂  I know there’s more that I want to add but I’m already running late and need to get moving.  Hope you had a great Christmas too!


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