Sugar Cookies

The kids stayed the night with my parents on Friday so Joe and I could go out to dinner and get the last of Christmas ready.  Joe and I had so much fun!  We ate at Outback, (which turned out to be AWFUL!  What a huge disappointment after not eating there for over a year!) but then we took our time looking around and finding the last few things on our list.  Chick-fil-A was doing the “12 days of Giving” so I got a free chicken biscuit a few hours later, yay!

IMG_7518resizedThe next morning I went out to get the kids and mom had made tons of sugar cookies, and Casey and the kids were helping decorate them all.  They even saved one cookie for Joe without any frosting because they know that he likes to eat some of them plain.

IMG_7517resizedReese was having a pajama day and decided not to get dressed for the day.  Atrion had a little plate of cookies he had decorated all by himself, and then he tasted each one, haha!

IMG_7525resizedIMG_7530resizedWe also got some Christmas gifts from Aunt Judy in the mail that I brought with me out to the house so the kids could open them while we were there.  She sent tons of fun craft projects, a cool shirt for Easton and adorable skirt for Reese, plus goodies and Meyer’s counter cleaner, (which I’ve been dying to try and I LOVE it!)  She really sent too many things to list…they all totally made our day.  We love her so much… thanks Aunt Judy!



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