Christmas Eve

We woke up to SNOW just in time for Christmas!!!  We were so excited to find the world covered in white this morning.  Now it finally feels like Christmas 🙂

IMG_7540-snowresizedI talked them into letting me take a few pictures of them, in exchange for letting them play outside for a little bit.

IMG_7551resizedThis morning I’ve been baking all day.  We made some Peppermint Brownies to take out to Deona’s house tonight, a birthday cake for Reese, and we had homemade pizza for lunch.  Tonight I need to get some White Chocolate Popcorn ready after we get home.  It’s already 2:00 and I still need to shower, but I wanted to hurry and get these pictures up before the rush of Christmas day!



IMG_7568resizedTonight is my favorite night of the whole year!  I CAN’T WAIT!!!  My tummy is full of butterflies just thinking about how excited my kids are going to be.  We’ll be watching for Santa in his sleigh as we drive to my aunt’s house….putting out the Reindeer food on our front porch…setting out cookies and milk….trying on new jammies… I just love it all!




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