Santa Letters

The kids wrote their own letters to Santa this year…

Santa.letter.ReeseReese asked Santa for a Royal Carriage, (the date ‘2012’ is at the bottom of her note 🙂

royal carriageEaston asked for either the Skylander’s Giants game or the Pokemon White 2 game.  He was also excited that our Elf on the Shelf “Bob” arrived at our house that day.  He was under the tree on Reese’s Princess Celestia Pegasus, haha!Santa.letter.Easton

skylanderspokemonReese is still always drawing pictures and working on projects.  Here are a few recent ones..

Reese self-portraitThis one is a self-portrait so she could show her friend how she looks with her new glasses.  I’m not sure why she’s writing everything backwards lately?  The next is another picture for Wendy.  I need to let her mail them before it’s too late.

Reese and WendyEaston drew this last one for Reese.  It’s all of the characters from the Mario Bros game!  This reminds me of all the pictures my brother Cody used to draw all the time.  I’m pretty sure he had a few that looked just like this, haha!

Easton's Mario guys


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