Gingerbread Kits

I went to Idaho Falls with Tammy yesterday to finish up a few gifts.  We needed to get a few things at Walmart, and while we were there I saw these cute gingerbread kits for $8 each.  I debated whether or not I wanted to pay that much for them, but I’ve been wanting to do them with my kids for a few years now so I finally caved in and bought them.

IMG_7383resizedMy parents and Sierra are visiting Shy this weekend, so it was the perfect time for us to put our kits together.  Usually we’re out at their house just about every Saturday!

IMG_7386-2resizedI’m looking through these pictures and wishing that I would have put on makeup today and done something with my hair….but, this is how my kids will remember me, haha!  At least I ditched the bathrobe for a little bit 🙂

IMG_7394resizedThe gingerbread pieces were really sturdy and the only problem we had was when Easton tried to break off a piece that needed to come apart and it didn’t make a clean break.  I had talked to them before we started that it didn’t matter if anything broke, we just wanted to have fun, so it ended up not being a big deal at all.

IMG_7403resizedIMG_7404resizedIMG_7407resizedJoe stopped in a for a few minutes to grab some tools while we were working on them, so he got to help out for a few minutes too.

IMG_7410resizedIMG_7412resizedWe spent probably an hour and a half working on them, and the kids LOVED it!  Christmas music was playing in the background and everyone was in a good mood as they decided how to decorate their train/house.  They would explain what they wanted, and I would work the icing and let them add the candy.

IMG_7415resizedIMG_7418resizedIMG_7422resizedIMG_7436resizedIMG_7429resizedIMG_7432resizedI’m pretty sure this is going to be a yearly tradition for us now!


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