My girl is taking after me more and more every day!  We found out that Reese needs glasses and we went to pick them up last night.  She sees -1.50 in the Rt eye and -0.50 in the Lt and will need to wear them all the time.


She hasn’t been very excited at the thought of wearing them, but after lots of talking about how cute she’ll look in pink glasses with sparkles, she finally decided they might be kind of fun.  By the time we got to the eye doctor she was saying that she couldn’t wait to get her glasses!

IMG_7378resizedShe was really grinning when we put them on her in the office.  I was worried about how she’d react when she wore them to school for the first time, but she was excited to put them on this morning and then came home happy.  She said that other kids asked her why she had glasses, but it sounded like everything went fine.

IMG_7366resizedIMG_7382-2resizedI can tell I’m going to have a hard time with the glare!

This is the ONLY picture I could find in my house of me with glasses!  I’m on the Lt, Grandma Bodean, and my cousin Michalle on the Rt.  I remember that Shayla was visiting and we had a sleepover at grandma’s house.  (I’m also pretty sure we were wearing Grandma’s jammies!?)  I have no idea how old we were here….maybe 12-ish?  This pic made me giggle, (and really miss Shayla too!)

IMGSo far we’re off to a good start with glasses!



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