Friends and Sister Missionaries

Reese was invited to a birthday party by her friend Ashley from school.  We didn’t make it to the party, so instead we invited the same little girl to come over and play at our house a few days later.


The girls had a good time playing together, and we also had Atrion for the day, (he couldn’t wait for Easton to get home!)

IMG_7267resizedI turned on a movie for Atrion after lunch, and the girls came in to watch for a while too.

IMG_7270resizedIMG_7272resizedWe had the sister missionaries over for dinner a few days later.  I made Garlic Chicken Farfalle …mmm!  It’s my comfort food.  Instead of cooking the bacon this time, I found some real bacon bits that were pepper flavored in a package, (I think it was Hormel brand?) and I used that I used instead.  I was a little nervous but they were pretty good…and EASY!  I’ll look for them when I make this recipe again.

IMG_7279resizedOne of the ladies that I go Visiting Teaching to has two kids on missions right now.  She had mentioned how much she loves it when families take pictures of her missionaries and email them to her, so that she knows her kids okay right at that moment instead of waiting for their day to send an email or send a letter.  I asked the sisters if they’d like a picture so we took a quick one and I emailed it after they left.  I haven’t heard back so I hope my email went through!


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