Our Thanksgiving was really laid back this year. We sat around watching the parade on tv and working on crafts until it was time to go to Joe’s step-dad’s house at 5:00. We ate dinner there and had a really good time visiting with family. Afterwards we took the kids out to stay the night at my mom’s so Tammy and I could go shopping for Black Friday. I got a few stocking stuffers but we’re doing a low-key Christmas this year. In fact, I heard about a 4 gift rule and we’re going to be trying it: 1) Want 2) Need 3) Wear 4) Read. I don’t know that we’re strictly sticking to it, but I think it’s a good guideline so things don’t get out of control with the gift giving madness!


Usually we go out to my mom’s for lunch on Thanksgiving, but this year Shy and her family are gone, and Cody and his family were in Twin Falls. My mom decided to wait and do dinner when Cody came back, so we had it on Saturday instead. My Auntie M and her husband Robert came out too. After we ate, the kids (and Cody and Casey!) helped Grammy put up her tree.



IMG_7177resizedMy mom put out her Carolers, Frosty, and the Christmas tree that Nana made. Wait a second, it kinda seems like maybe mom made Frosty?! Now I don’t remember….mom? They’re a favorite for all of us kids and we love to see them every year. These ceramic pieces are what makes it Christmas to me. They are in my most treasured memories and I hope that nothing ever happens to them or we’d all be heartbroken!

IMG_7187resizedBompa lifted Reesie up to put the angel on top!


This is my Auntie M (dad’s sister Marilyn) and me.

IMG_7178resizedAfter the tree was up I forced everyone to take a picture 🙂

IMG_7212resizedThis last one of Atrion makes me laugh so much! He was doing the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz. Because…. well, why wouldn’t you do the Scarecrow when people tell you to smile big?!! Haha!



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