Family pics (sort of) and glasses

We had a really beautiful fall day a few weeks ago, and I really wanted to try and get a few family pictures before the snow, (which we haven’t really had very much of still!)  I was hoping Joe would be able to slip over and get a few of us all together, but he couldn’t leave the store and it ended up just being the kids and I.

My kids love when we use the self timer on my camera.  They think it’s hilarious to watch me try to run back and get into place before the shutter goes off!  We did manage to get one where they were looking at the camera, instead of at me to see if I made it in time.

My mom went with us to the eye doctor yesterday, and we found out that Reesie needs glasses.  She’s seeing -1.50 in the Rt eye and -0.50 in the Lt.  The doctor had to dilate her eyes to check them, (which didn’t seem to affect her at all) and she did a few tests because she was concerned that her brain may have started to shut off eyesight to the Rt eye since the Lt is so much better.  Dr. Porter said it was fine but she’ll have to wear glasses all the time from now on.

They didn’t have a ton of styles to choose from, but we found her a pair of cute pink frames.  Reese hasn’t said too much about it yet, but she mentioned once that she doesn’t want to wear them.  Her friend Wendy wears glasses, so I think that’s helping her like the idea a little more.

For one of the tests they had to put a patch over her good eye to see how she does without her dominant eyesight.  That brought back such strong memories for me of having to wear a patch on my good eye all the time when I was about her age.  No wonder I grew up so afraid of everything!  I’m so incredibly thankful that we don’t have to do that with Reese…I don’t think I could handle that!  Her glasses will be here in about 2 weeks.  My fingers are crossed that she likes them!


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