It seems like lately I’m feeling so inspired by everything that I see! I’ve come across a couple of different blogs today and spent WAY too much time browsing through and pinning things on my Pinterest boards.

The first blog is called Jelanie, where I was drawn in by beautiful home tours, and then came across a photo session by Chris Craymer for Glamour UK. I love the vintage feel of these pictures, especially since the setting was in the country.

Each post on Jelanie was full of inspiration for me… photography, home decor, food…tons of beautiful things to look at!

Another fun blog that I came across is called Mary Made This. She’s from Sweden and I had to laugh at some of the translations that google translate came up with! Here are a few pictures of the beautiful home they bought to renovate and sell:

I’m dying to paint my wood floors white to give my house more of a cottage look, but so far I haven’t been able to talk Joe into it. I’d also like to put up more bead board on the walls. My dad came over last week and we started talking about adding on to my house. Dad and I walked through with the tape measure and came up with new ideas for expanding the space. We decided to knock down the wall between the living room and Reese’s room so that it becomes one big space, then Reese gets my bedroom, and the bathroom becomes a hallway and storage leading to our new addition….a master bedroom with closet and bathroom. It’s much easier to see on paper, haha! Another “someday” project to dream about!

I’m back to watching tons of HGTV design shows in the evenings. My favorites are Buying and Selling, House Hunters Renovation, and House Hunters International. I don’t know if it’s a good thing for me… now my head is full of ideas for a new home! Here are a few “likes” that I put together:

LINKS: 1. Table and chairs by Meg on her “Whatever” blog 2. Chalkboard door by Our City Lights 3. Flooring by Lofts Inspiration 4. Kitchen by Tater Tots and Jello 5. Living room by Bonnie Forkner via Jelanie


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