Pegasus and Pokemon

We’re at the end of October and I haven’t even hardly taken any pictures for this whole month!  We’ve been staying busy… Joe was made President of the Young Men at church, so he’s been going to a lot of meetings and activities.  My mom had surgery on her knee for a torn meniscus and I’ve been out there a few times to try and help out a little with the dishes and things, but she doesn’t let me do very much at all when I come!  I also got to meet up with Holli and Heather, some friends from high school, for lunch.  My friend Rafaela came on another day and we had some homemade pizza that was really yummy.  (You can click here for the recipe!)  It was a lot of fun to catch up with all of them!

Reese went to her dance class today and they had a Halloween party.  Her favorite part was the face painting, of course!  They did such an amazing job…and the best part was that it didn’t cost $20 like at Disneyland, haha!  We’re hoping that it will stay on tonight and she can wear it again for Halloween tomorrow 🙂  I’m going to have a sad little girl if it comes off before then!

Reese’s Pegasus costume is a hand-me-down from Shayna.  We LOVE hand-me-downs!

Sierra came in to watch the kids this morning so that Joe and I could go to the temple.  We ate lunch afterwards and then stopped at a few other places.  We were trying to find a new dress shirt for Easton, but no luck with that yet.  We had a really great time together though!

The weather was so pretty today, so while I was taking a few pictures of Reese I asked Easton to put on his costume so we could get some of him too.  We never know what the weather will be like from one day to the next!

He’s dressed up like Ash, the Pokemon trainer.  We lucked out and had everything on hand to make his costume.  Well, all except the gloves that we bought for a dollar.

He looks so small in this next picture!  I’m already wondering how much time I have left before he decides that he’s too big to dress up anymore.  It makes me sad, and I’m not in a hurry for him to grow up!

Yep, they can stay little and that would be just fine with me!  We hope you have a happy Halloween tomorrow 🙂



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