Third Day (part 2)

One of the main things I wanted to do on our trip was go to the Aladdin show.  I’ve heard that this is one of the last years that they’ll be performing it, but someone else told me that the rumor of it discontinuing has been going around for a while now.  Either way, I’m really glad that we caught it, and if we go back I’d gladly see it again!  It was one of my favorite things about our whole vacation.

We tried to head back and catch some of the things we had missed the day before.  I’m glad we waited in line for a few minutes to get a picture with Mickey.

We got Dole Whip soft-serve and it was so GOOD!  I’ve been craving more ever since we tried it.  It was a slightly tangy, delicious pineapple ice cream…sort of!  It’s hard to explain, but definitely worth the 15-20 minute wait in line to get some.  I’m sad that we didn’t go inside the Tiki Room.  It sounded loud and I didn’t want Reese to be afraid…when we got home I heard that it’s not scary at all.  Now we know for next time!

Instead of listening to the kids beg for toys every day, we told them at the beginning that they could choose one thing to buy on our last day at Disneyland.  Easton had his heart set on this fan that sprays water.  We should have just let him get it the first day to help cool us down!  We tried to talk him into a toy, but this was what he wanted more than anything.  Joe surprised him with a stuffed Mickey, and a stuffed Pascale from Tangled for Reese.  She picked out a Sleeping Beauty set of little plastic characters for her souvenir.

Next we went on the Jungle Cruise and ended up in the very front of our boat.  The tour guide asked who thought the captain of the ship should go down with the boat if it’s sinking and Easton rose his hand.  He asked what Easton’s name was, and then announced to everyone that Easton was the captain of the ship.  He loved it!



We stopped to try the Chicken Skewers and Bacon Wrapped Asparagus after the ride.  They were about $3.50 each but only seemed so-so to us.  Not something that we’d probably buy again but they were okay.  I think they were from Bengal BBQ but I can’t remember the name of it for sure.

We rode Pirate’s of the Caribbean but I didn’t get any pictures.  Both kids were really afraid to go on it, but they did good.  Easton had seen a commercial that showed a giant skull popping out of the ride when you get to the treasure, so he was relieved when that didn’t happen!

We also rode Pinocchio and it broke down while we were on it.  I had handed my camera to Joe when we were getting on, and after it broke down he snapped a couple of pictures while we were waiting for the worker to come and escort us out.  When the guy came, another lady in our group took a picture and the guy got really upset and told her that he’d delete her pictures if she didn’t put her camera away, even though they hadn’t announced not to take pictures.  We were feeling pretty sneaky about getting our pictures…UNTIL we went through the pictures later and found out that Joe had left the lens cap on!  Hahaha!


From the very first day, Reese had been looking longingly at the little girls who had their faces painted.  She would slow down anytime we were near one of the kiosks to get faces done and gaze hopefully in their direction.  Joe surprised her by letting her finally get hers done on our last day.  Normally, I’d never pay $18 for something like that, but this one thing was the highlight of Reese’s trip.  It was worth it to see her face light up each time she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

She wanted to make sure that I got plenty of pictures of her pink swans!  Since we liked It’s a Small World so much, we decided to ride again since we were right there.

Joe and Easton decided to do a few rides while Reese and I got in line to visit with Snow White and Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.  They only had a few minutes before they had to leave for the parade so we were really happy when we made it up to see them.  Princess Aurora is Reesie’s favorite princess!


I was going to take Reese to Pixie Hollow while we waited for the boys, but it was closed again.  They were roping off the streets for the parade and I didn’t have a map with me.  We ended up wandering around for a little while as we waited.  I didn’t even have any money with me to buy us a treat so it was kind of boring for her but they finally got done at Star Tours (both Easton and Joe’s favorite ride!) and we went back to La Brea bakery to buy me another Turkey Avocado sandwich.


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