Third Day at Disneyland!

Now that we knew we all had to be in the park in order to get Fast Pass tickets, we all went in when California Adventure opened at 9 a.m. on the 4th.  This was our last day in the parks and we really wanted to go to the World of Color water light show that would be going in the evening.  The kids and I started off while Joe went down to get our tickets for the show.

We ran into Frozone from the Incredibles as soon as he came out, and we were the second little group in line to see him.

There wasn’t a line for the Monster’s Inc ride, so we waited a couple of minutes for Joe to meet us there and rode that.  Easton loved how the cartoon lady at the end of the ride started talking to him about his big ears, (he was wearing his hat!)

I was surprised when both Easton and Reese wanted to ride Grizzly River Run with Joe.  The park was pretty empty compared to the day before, so they didn’t have to wait very long at all to get on the ride.

Next we stopped at the Wilderness Explorer Camp.  They gave us a map of the area and the kids could scratch off each section as soon as they had completed the challenge.  There was going to be an awards ceremony with Russell from “Up”, but he didn’t come until later and we wanted to keep going.  Instead, we got a picture with Dug the Dog.

We thought about skipping this little Wilderness area because it seemed kinda boring compared to everything else that was going on, but the kids really liked it.  They had a great time climbing the rock wall and going across the swinging rope ladders.  It was kind of isolated from the noise of the park and seemed peacefully quiet.  I’m glad that we went in and let them explore for a while.

We stopped to watch Phineas and Ferb for a few minutes after we left the Wilderness.  They were asking kids to come up and dance with them, but mine weren’t interested.

One of Reesie’s very favorite rides out of them all was the Little Mermaid.  It was fun how the seashells tipped and made it feel like you were really going under water.

Easton and Joe rode the Golden Zephyr while Reesie and I waited in some shade.  Then the three of them went to Goofy’s Sky School…another favorite ride of theirs!  While I was waiting for them the army guys from Toy Story came marching past.  My picture of that won’t load for some reason.

I love that there are cast members scattered throughout the parks to take pictures of your group.  It’s nice that my kids will see that I was actually in the park with them instead of just taking all of the pictures 🙂

We also ran into Jake from the Netherland Pirates, which is one of Reesie’s favorite shows.  We looked around for Izzy but didn’t see her anywhere.


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