Before we left on our vacation I looked up things for families to do in Vegas.  The one thing I thought we’d really enjoy was seeing the live mermaid at the Silverton Casino.  We got there about 45 minutes before she was supposed to come out again, so we wandered through their (enormous) Bass Pro Shop for a while.

There were waterfalls with giant live fish in the bottom.  Joe was pretty sure that one of them was a Sturgeon.  This one was probably as big as Reese!

Finally it was time for the mermaid.  We hadn’t told the kids what to expect and Reese’s eyes about popped out of her head when she caught her first glimpse of the mermaid.  Easton watched for about 3 minutes and then asked Joe if they could go check out the motorcycle across the store!

I was really frustrated with the glare from all the lights from the casino…they were messing up my pictures, haha!

She was really good about interacting with all of the kids.  She asked Reese how old she was by holding up her fingers and pointing, then she blew kisses that made tons of little bubbles and made a heart.  Reese ran over to me and said,
“I never knew there were really real mermaids, mom!”

The sting rays kept trying to get right in the mermaid’s face.  It was hard to get a picture because the sting ray kept moving wherever she did!

I really recommend stopping by if you go through Vegas with little ones…well, if you have little girls anyway!

We went back to the South Point hotel to stay another night.  They gave us our room key and we had to walk, and walk, and walk to the very end of the 10th floor.  Then we had to unlock a door to get to another door where our room was.  This room was enormous…but we looked out the window and had a view of the roof over the parking garage!  It was so ugly, and past that was just the freeway.  We couldn’t even see the lights of Vegas.  I called down and asked to switch rooms and they moved us to another overlooking the pool.  I felt a little bad about asking to move, but I’m so glad that we did…we were much happier in the other room, even though it was a little smaller.

We went downstairs to eat at the Steak and Shake, where there was a huge line.  We found out that there was a smaller line if you wanted to get the food to go instead of eating in the restaurant, so we ordered our steakburger shooters and shakes and went back to our room for the night.  The shakes were delicious, but the burgers were pretty dry and not so great.

For most of the way home we listened to a book on DVD that Holli let me borrow called “The Kingdom Keepers”, which was a mystery about some kids that go into the Disney World Magic Kingdom at night where strange things start happening.  Easton especially loved it and it helped at least 6 of the hours go by!

We saw a bunch of para-gliders right by the freeway in Salt Lake!  Each of those little specks are para-gliders…there were tons of them that weren’t even in the picture.

We made plans to stay with Larry and Jan the following night in Utah, but once we got there we realized how much we missed our home and wanted to be in our own beds.  Larry and Jan were at their cabin so we weren’t able to see them anyway, so we loaded up one last time and made the final 3 hour drive back home.  We got home a little after midnight and went right to sleep.

This was the best vacation any of us have ever been on and we’re really hoping we can save up and go again someday soon.  The hardest part was the giant temperature change…we went from 108 degrees in California on Monday, to 28 degrees in Idaho when we got home on Saturday night.  I took a total of 877 pictures over an 8 day span, and I’m anxious to get them into a book so we’ll have a reminder of our trip.  Thanks so much to everyone who gave us advice on what to do and where to stay.  It was amazing!!!


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