Second Day at Disneyland!

It was kinda funny that when we first got to our hotel we thought the beds were hard and not very comfortable.  They got more and more comfy each day that we were there, haha!

We woke up to thick fog on the second morning, we could hardly even see the pool below our room!

This morning started out kind of bad.  The park didn’t open until 10 and Joe decided that he would get there by 9 and get in line so he could get us Fast Pass tickets for the new Radiator Springs Racers ride that just opened.  He got to the park and stood in line for the Fast Pass, and I brought the kids to Downtown Disney to look in the shops while we waited for him.

After standing in line for an hour, Joe found out that he couldn’t get a ticket for all of us because we weren’t physically in the park.  They only gave him one ticket since he was the only one there, and the passes were gone shortly after that.  He text me to come meet him to get tickets for the new World of Color water light show, but there was a huge line just for us to get out of Downtown Disney.  We finally met up and pretty much ran across California Adventure to get the tickets but they were already gone!

It was already hot, and for some reason there were tons of people in the parks compared to the day before.  We got in line to see Flik just as they announced he had to leave.  It was a sad beginning to our day, but after going on a few rides in Bug’s Land we were doing a lot better.

We loved going on Heimlich’s Chew Chew train and smelling the watermelon and treats as you go through!

We rode the Tuck and Roll bumper cars, and it was nice that they just kind of gently bumped into each other without hitting hard.  Joe and the kids also rode in the to-go containers while I ate some granola bars 🙂  The kids also cooled off under the big water faucet.

On the way to Cars Land we ran into Mater and stopped at Flo’s diner.  We also saw Mickey on the trolley.

Joe stood in line to order some lunch for us at Flo’s (turkey and corn with a roll…it was pretty good, and the chocolate cake was yummy!)  I think it was around $12 for the food and maybe $5 for the cake, I can’t remember for sure.  While he was in line at Flo’s, the kids and I went to stand in line for the new Cars ride. The sign said the wait was 55 minutes, but it was more like an hour and a half.  Super hot, long wait…but we LOVED it!  It was my favorite ride of them all!  Joe brought the food to us and we shared it while we stood in line.

It was kind of like two rides in one because you got to ride through like the set of the movie with the characters talking to you, and then it was a racing roller coaster between your car and the one next to it.  So fun!!!

I think it was $18 to buy this picture, so we settled on snapping a picture of the screen instead.  My face reminds me of my senior trip when we rode the White Roller Coaster at Lagoon.  I had a death grip on the seat in front of me and my eyes were closed in that one too!  For the record, Easton and I had our hands up in the air until just before we went down this dip, then I had to hang on to something, haha!



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