Our Trip to Disneyland!

I’m trying this again, since my last post was lost!  We’ve been busy the last few weeks getting ready for a top secret trip to Disneyland.  This was the first time for all of us to go and Joe and I were so excited.  Seriously, I’ve been looking forward to this trip my entire life.  When I was little I put a mason jar with a “Disneyland” label drawn onto it on top of our TV.  I asked my little brother Cody to put all of our money inside so we could save up enough to go.  Sadly, we never made it because I would sneak the money from the jar when it was time for a trip to the store to buy penny candy!  Sorry Cody!

We didn’t tell the kids about our trip until the day before we left, and it’s a good thing because we came incredibly close to canceling.  I got sick with a bad sinus infection about 9 days before we left and was flat in bed for several days.  Then we had to take Reese to the doctor a few days later for the same thing.  They tested her for strep but it was negative.  6 days before we left Joe woke me up in the night complaining of chest pain, and after a trip to the doctor for some blood work we found out he has H-pylori (a bacterial stomach infection that needs a 90 day course of antibiotics to get rid of it!)  The night before we left I got a stomach bug and spent the night throwing up.  I know this is TMI but I just wanted to write down how close we came to canceling our trip.  I’m so grateful that we were better in time!

I was feeling a lot better by the time we left around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.  We drove to Draper and had lunch at Walmart, where I grabbed some bananas and a bagel, and Joe and the kids had mac and cheese from the deli.  We got stuck in a traffic jam for an hour and a half as we were crossing into Arizona. It was a long delay but at least the scenery was pretty while we were waiting!

You can see in this next picture how the traffic wound all the way down and around the side of the mountain!  We were never really sure what caused the delay.

We ate dinner at KFC in Mesquite, Nevada and then pulled into Vegas around 8:30 p.m.  Reese begged us to stay at this castle, but we finally convinced her that our hotel would be really nice too.

We stayed at the South Point hotel that my cousin Sienna recommended to us, and we loved it!  The room was really big and there was a window covering one wall where we could look down and see the pool.  It had a beautiful view of the pool!

The next morning Reese’s eyes popped open and she jumped out of bed to peek out the window and see what was going on down at the pool.

We loaded up our bags and headed off for Anaheim, California, which was around 4-5 hours away from Vegas.

Joe and I were surprised to see that they stopped the interstate and did an agriculture check in the middle of the desert.  We told them that we had some bananas in the back but they waved us through.  It was such a random thing, and Joe and I laughed about it for quite a while!

The temperature kept creeping up and you can see in this next picture that it was 108 degrees.  There were a lot of cars that had overheated and were stopped along the way in the desert.  We were thankful not to be one of them!  Thanks so much for letting us use your car, mom and dad!

We were still too early to check into our hotel so we found a Trader Joe’s grocery store to buy stuff for lunch at the beach.  I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how good Trader Joe’s is, so I was excited to visit one.  I got a quinoa salad (not my favorite) and we found stuff for sandwiches to make when we got to the beach.  We bought a candy bar but it got ruined in the cooler so we had to throw it out without trying it.  The banana chips and cinnamon apple snack sticks were really good though!

I’m crossing my fingers to see if this will post, and if it does I’ll do pictures of the beach next!


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