Newport Beach

We have an older GPS we were using to get where we needed to go, and we thought it was taking us to Huntington Beach, but we ended up seeing a sign for the beach and wound up at Newport instead.  It was a lot cooler by the ocean and I’m not sure what the weather was (maybe around 80 degrees?) but it felt perfect.  This was the first time for my kids to see the ocean and they were ecstatic.  Reese was running around gathering “she-shells” and pointing at “trabs”.

This is the heart that Reesie drew for Grammy and Bompa…

We were taking some shadow pictures when a nice man walked past and offered to do a family one for us.

We would have loved to spend a few more days at the beach…everyone loved it!

We stayed at the Sheraton Park hotel while we were in Anaheim and it was another really nice hotel.  It wasn’t quite as spacious as the one in Vegas, but it did have a little balcony that we enjoyed eating breakfast on every morning.  We were surprised to see that our hotel turned out to be closer to the park than one of the Disney parking lots.

That evening while I was getting the kids ready for bed, Joe went to get us a few slices of pizza and burgers that we ate on the balcony.  My appetite still wasn’t back after being sick, and Joe joked that it was saving us a ton of money since I wasn’t eating like I normally do, haha!  After dinner we went right to bed so we could get up early for our first day at Disneyland!


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