Goofy’s Kitchen

The wait time for Pixie Hollow said 40 minutes, but we stood there for at least that long without the line moving at all.  We were getting nervous about making it across the park in time for our dinner reservation at Goofy’s Kitchen, so we finally left the line to head across the park for the monorail.  I was sad that each time we came back to try Pixie Hollow after that the chain was closing the entrance, so we never made it in to see the fairies.

They announced that the monorail was delayed and they closed the gate to other passengers right after we got on the deck.  We watched the submarines while we were waiting.

The monorail finally showed up and we were still about 30 minutes early for dinner.  We shopped for a little bit before going in to eat.  Reesie also wanted to put on her princess dress before going on.  She tried to wear it that morning when we first went into the park, but it was too hot and she had to take it off.

My camera doesn’t have any kind of flash at all on it, so my pictures inside Goofy’s Kitchen are pretty much awful…oh well, better than nothing, haha!

Eating here was one of our favorite parts of the trip.  The food was so good!  I loved the pot roast and sauteed mushrooms, and the kids liked the macaroni and cheese and dessert.  It was a buffet so there was something for all of us.  It cost around $120 for the four of us, but we feel like it was worth the high cost.  Each of the characters came around to visit at each table, signing autographs and taking pictures, and the gratuity was included.  Even Joe agreed that it was worth the money for the experience and good food!

Reesie got to dance with Pluto, and the kids loved it when he licked Joe’s face.  We got to see Minnie, Jasmine, Aladdin, and Chip, and Goofy, of course!

Ugh, these awful pictures make me cringe.  I wish they had turned out a little bit better!  I had read on one of the sites that you aren’t supposed to use flash photography, but if we ever go back I’ll have to bring a flash and hope they let me use it.

After dinner we made our way back to Disneyland Park by going through Downtown Disney and were awed by the Legos at the Lego store.  They were so awesome!

We went into one of the shops and let the kids pick out their Mickey Mouse ears.  Easton chose a Goofy Mater hat, and Reese got princess ears with sequins and streamers.


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