More Beach Pics

I forgot all about our pictures from the beach a few weeks ago!  I think I already wrote down everything about that day, so I’ll just add the pictures for now and an update with everything else that’s been going on.

We’re slowly getting used to getting up early every morning for school.  Last year I lucked out because Joe would usually get Easton up and drop him off at school on his way to work.  This year I have to get up and do Reese’s hair and help get her ready to go.  I’ve been going to bed earlier; instead of my usual midnight-1 a.m. bedtime I’ve been trying to go around 10….last night I even went at 9 pm.  This is unheard of for anyone that knows me!

I’m definitely not a morning person, but since I’ve been waking up early I’ve had more energy to get things done around the house.  I cleaned out a bunch of junk in my room…still have more to go but at least it’s a start.  It also makes a better start to my day if I get the dishes done the night before, like normal people do!

Reese didn’t have school this last Mon-Wed so we went to see Holli on one of those mornings and were home when Easton got out of school.  Joe and I also had to meet with the insurance agent to renew our life insurance since we’ve had it for 10 years…it’s getting more expensive as we get older, yuck!

Joe took Reese and I to lunch one of the days and we went to Burger King.  Reese’s favorite thing lately is to get one of their free crowns that they hand out.  When we asked what she wanted, all she asked for was a crown!  She always asks for 2 so Easton can have one too.

Easton came home from school the other day and was super excited to tell me that he’s learning cursive!  I had heard somewhere that schools weren’t teaching it anymore, so I was surprised by that news.  He found a paper and showed me how to write an “i” and “t”….the first letters that he learned.  He had an assembly at school today, and after that they all went outside to help clean up the weeds and garbage outside.  It’s kinda weird to see some of the things they’ve had to do since the budget cuts!

I can’t remember if I already mentioned this, but Reese was upset after school the other day because they wouldn’t let her take off her shoes!  She kicks them off wherever we go, so it was hard for her to keep them on for the whole time.  We also went to her first dance mtg of the year.  She has to wear a dance uniform to all of her classes this year, and it was $53 for the outfit…yikes!  The good news is that she can go barefoot to class 🙂


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