Cousins in the Sunshine

Shy and my little Kairi bug had to go back to Coeur D’Alene yesterday, and it was sad watching them leave.  We met them over at my mom’s office, and when we were pulling away my mom was holding Kairi while she meowed goodbye to us.  She’s the only one around here that will snuggle up with me, so I’m going to miss her so much!

We took a few pics of all the grand-kids together a few nights ago.  Easton was in a grouchy mood, which doesn’t happen very often until I try to take his picture!

This is the first year where all four of the grand-kids have gotten along really well with one another.  There’s been a little bit of competition here and there, but for the most part they’ve all really enjoyed being together.

I talked to Shy last night and they made it home safely.  9 hours seems like such a long drive and I would hate to have to do that by myself like Shy does!

My dad made grilled corn on the cob while we were there and Casey made the most amazing sauce for it!  It was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life… I need the recipe so I can put it on here, Casey!

We got some bad news today…my aunt Deona was riding her new horse when she lost control and was thrown off and landed on her head.  My uncle Russ, Rick, and grandma were all there when it happened so she got help right away.  They took her to the hospital, and this morning they were waiting to get a CT scan done.  My aunt Connie asked Deona this morning if she knew who she was, and Deona squeezed her hand so they’re taking that as a good sign.

I also needed to write down that my sister Sierra has fluid in her head and they aren’t sure what’s causing it.  They took her in for a spinal tap on Tuesday, but ended up using the needle by her ear instead.  She’s been doing okay but still has some of the symptoms so she might need to have it done again.  I think they’re also going to start her on some medication for it.

It seems like so much crazy stuff has been going on lately.  I think these are the days we need to count our blessings to remember how much we’ve been blessed so we don’t forget!


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