1st day of school!

It was the first day of 3rd grade for Easton yesterday!  He jumped right out of bed and got ready really fast.  Joe ended up taking him to school and dropping him off…I guess there weren’t any parking spaces so he just ran in by himself.  We had gone over and met his teacher last week so he knew where his classroom was and everything.  He already loves his teacher and said she’s really funny.  It sounded like he had a really good first day and he was excited to go back again this morning.

I took Reese over yesterday for a meet-and-greet with her teacher, and she was also really excited!  This is the first year of teaching for her teacher, and I’ve heard really good things about her so we can’t wait!

This morning was Reese’s first actual day of kindergarten.  We had a hard time getting up but we made it.  We got to the school and I went to take a picture and realized that I forgot to take my memory card out of the computer…at least I had the ipod to take a few pictures.  She was the last one still on the playground when the bell rang, and one of the teacher aides helped her across the monkey bars.  She finally came running over to stand in line before they went inside.  I took a few more pictures of her before I went out to my car.  alone.

I truly didn’t think that this would be a big deal for me.  I’ve been thinking how nice it will be to have 3 hours a day to myself, but in reality I feel like my babies are long gone and both of them are so grown up now!  I can feel that I’m moving on to the next stage of my life and I’m not sure that I’m really looking forward to it.

As I was climbing into my car, the door scraped against my head and felt like it almost ripped my ear right off!  It hurt a lot and that was the last straw.  I got pretty teary, not even so much from the pain as from thinking about my babies not being babies anymore.  It just seemed so sad and overwhelming!

The first thing Reese told me when she got home was that there were really good cupcakes at school.  They were so good she couldn’t eat the whole thing!  I asked if she knew anyone there, and she ran in to her bedroom to grab her binder from preschool to show me pictures of Olivia and Freya.  She said her teacher talked a lot about rules, and one of them was not to bite the cords of the mouse on the computer.  haha!  She had a wonderful day and has already mentioned several times that she can’t wait to go back tomorrow.  I’m so glad she had a great day!


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