Farris Family

My mom’s brother Larry and his family all came down to the Fair over the weekend, and we got together with them out at my mom’s on Sunday.  It was so much fun to see them all!  My cousins Sienna, Dustin, and Kenton all had little boys born within a few months of each other!  Dustin and his family weren’t able to come but we had the best time visiting with everyone else.

Here are some pictures of Sienna, Patrick, and little McCoy.  I love that they named him McCoy after our great-grandma Mary McCoy!  It’s what we picked for Reese’s middle name too!  She was the sweetest little lady, and I don’t think she was even 5 feet tall.  We all called her Nana.

When Reese and I were in Utah a few months ago we visited a new handmade soap and cosmetics store called Lush, and we both fell in love!  Sienna surprised me with a cute scarf that was wrapped around 3 bubble bars called Yuzu & Coco, Amandopondo, and Ma Bar…they all smell amazing and it was such a fun surprise 🙂


Patrick needed a picture of McCoy’s cape too…he had on the cutest little Batman outfit!

We also took some pictures of Kenton, Anna, and their adorable little boy Daxton.  Both of these babies were so cute and Shy, Casey, and I all wanted to cuddle with them!

He seemed like such a mellow little guy!

My little cousin Janessa is all grown up and she’s gorgeous!  She’s also one of the sweetest people around…she spent most of the time jumping on the trampoline with the little kids and holding babies.  They call her the baby whisperer, haha!

Joe stayed busy by giving kids double piggy-back rides and pulling them in the wagon.

I’m looking through all of my pictures and feeling sad that I didn’t get a picture of my parents with Larry and Jan.  Mom’s cousin Ron and his family came out too.  I always get so focused on getting pictures of kids that I forget the adults sometimes!  Here are a few random shots of everyone else.

We had the best time visiting with everyone, and we’re hoping that this will become a tradition so we can see them every year!

I’m going to try to publish this, but if I lose the whole thing again I’m going to scream….PLEASE WORK!!!


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