Hot Casey :)

We’ve been having such a good time with family over the last few weeks!  The other night I took the kids out to my parents house…mom and dad had to leave, and my brother Cody was having some of his friends over for game night, so Casey, Shy, and I visited for a while.  They finally decided to have Shy give Casey a makeover while I was giggling with them in the background.  Shy is so good and doing hair and makeup…I wish she could come in and do mine every day, haha!  We ended up painting our nails and watching part of Hunger Games while the kids played in the toy room.  I finally loaded mine up and headed for home sometime around 10pm…it was a late night, but lots of fun!

Here are a few pics of Hot Casey…



We had to get a picture of the back of her hair, too 🙂 I LOVE her hair so much!



We grabbed Atrion for a couple too.  Thanks for letting me do some pics Casey!  And Shy, you did an amazing job, as usual 🙂



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