Adakai Bday Party

We got together with Joe’s family yesterday to celebrate birthdays for Norman, Hailey, and Lori.  We met over at Airport Park and had some good food, and a great time visiting with everyone.  I don’t bring my camera very often but I remembered to take it yesterday and took a ton of pictures…




We got to love on Maria’s new baby Olivia, and Lori got a new puppy named Max that Reese is completely in love with.  Hailey turned 16 and her boyfriend Carlos’ mom made her a beautiful cake.  Joann made her a beaded purse that we’re all completely jealous of 🙂   It’s beautiful!




Things have been looking up since my terrible day on Saturday.  Joe fixed the kitchen sink and brought home a new microwave for us…he even did the dishes for me!  This morning our day got even better when the kids got a fun care package in the mail from Aunt Judy.  It was full of fun summer stuff to keep them busy…water balloons, bendaroos, ice pops and lots of other fun things.  Thanks so much, Judy!!!


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