Bad Day

Today started out nice.  We all got to sleep in until after 9 a.m….Easton actually slept until 10 a.m. and I can’t remember the last time that happened!  My day started to take a little detour when it was time for Easton’s shower.  I went in to check on him and asked him if he had washed yet.  He said yes.  I asked which soap he had used.  He said he used mine, which is Pomegranate and Mango.  It makes my whole bathroom smell nice when I use it.  My bathroom did not smell nice.  I asked him again and he told me that he hadn’t really washed. 

This might not sound like a huge deal, but this has happened over and over in the past year or so.  It’s driving me crazy!  I’m not very inventive when it comes to discipline, so I had him write sentences.  Do you have any good ideas for me if this happens again?


The day went along pretty well until later in the afternoon.  I went to wash my dishes and discovered that my kitchen sink was backed up again.  Whoever put in the sink before we bought the house super-glued something together and now it can’t be taken apart for any kind of repairs.  It was around this time that Joe stopped by for a few minutes.  He tried to use the little plunger my dad gave us, but it didn’t help.  He had to leave so I told him that I’d work on it in a little bit. 

I stacked the dishes off to the side and got started with my lemonade cake, a pasta salad, and some mini meatloaves.  I signed up to feed the missionaries tomorrow and they’re going to stop by and pick up a sack lunch, so I thought I’d have that all ready for them so I didn’t have to worry about it while we’re at church tomorrow. 


I got the cake out of the oven and started the meatloaves, then went off to read my book while the kids were playing in the other room.  They’ve been playing so good all day today!  I was reading my book and smiling about my kids, when I suddenly smelled smoke.  I went running in to the kitchen to find it completely full of smoke! 

I opened the oven door and smoke came billowing out at me.  I turned the oven off and was thankful that there weren’t any flames.  I think the grease from the meat had dripped down and made it start smoking.  Today was 94 degrees and there was absolutely no breeze, but we opened the doors to try and get a breeze going through the house with fans to clear the smoke out.

The crazy thing about this part is that my smoke alarms didn’t even go off the whole time smoke was billowing out!  There is a green light on them that I assumed meant they were working properly, but I think we better replace the batteries and check them out too.  I’m a little relieved that they didn’t go off in the middle of all of that though!  I don’t think I could’ve handled the shrieking alarm on top of everything else!

The kids were complaining about how hungry they were once the smoke was cleared out, so I dished them up a plate of food and went back to the sink situation.  Easton screamed out, and I went running over to see what was wrong…”Nothing mom, I just lost another tooth though!”

As of today we’re out of luck if we want to use 1) the kitchen sink  2) the oven  3) our microwave has been shooting out lightning when we try to use it  4) one of the shower heads broke a few months ago…at least we have another shower in the other bathroom. 

I have a whole pile of dirty dishes, and I’m praying that no one stops by to see my mess in the kitchen.  I feel bad that all of this happened today because it’s the one day in MONTHS that Joe decided to get away from home and work and do something that he wanted to do (mud bogs).  He’s going to come home soon and be faced with all of these problems that happened while he was gone for the day, and I really hate to do that to him. 

The upside of this story is that I have dinner ready for tomorrow…but I might have to go next door to heat it up!


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