Tough Crawler

Joe was playing around with his crawler the other night, and decided to hook the kids up to it and see if it would pull them….



Reese is 45 pounds and Easton is about 75 and the little crawler pulled them both. They were on that little seat with casters, but I’m still pretty impressed! It even pulled me a little bit if I rocked back and forth to give it some momentum.



Reesie and I went with mom and Casey to Idaho Falls today to find a few things for Atrion’s birthday (tomorrow!) We went to eat at Sizzler and then stopped at the mall and Target. We had a really fun time. I ended up dropping them off at the mall for a few minutes and running over to visit my niece Maria who just had a new baby. They named her Olivia and she is the cutest thing…tons of dark hair! She’s so tiny at 6 pounds 3 ounces…one ounce less than Easton when he was born! It was fun seeing them but I’m really upset that I didn’t take my camera with me. I’ll have to try and get back up there before she’s discharged. Here’s the picture from my ipod…



Isn’t she beautiful?!!


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